A close-up to Independent Fashion

‘More than a catwalk, a party!’ This is how ‘El Sisuterno’ by Adolfo Domínguez was experienced during day three of Colombiamoda 2021

The frenzy of the night, freedom and sensuality were the themes that ‘El Sisuterno’ reflected. We were facing a collection that was born in one of the most difficult times for the whole world, where technology took a very important role in allowing us to connect to the world, but at the same time, it disconnected us on several occasions from our own reality.

The invitation is clear: To appreciate the new stage we are entering, to appreciate more what we have and to downplay the importance of what we would like to have. Ideas that came to life in loose and fluid garments in blocks of color. Light materials and a fantastic plurality in the casting of models.

In addition to the proposal of the Spanish designer, there were proposals from emerging local designers. Among them, Nicolás Giraldo Bolivar, who through his knitted garments, takes inspiration from works of art to later think about the elaboration of his pieces. This is the reason why his collection is full of color and texture.

A dramatic and colorful runway, perfect to close the third day of Colombiamoda 2021.

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