Manuela Álvarez, Arkitect and Artesanías de Colombia thrill with ‘La Esencia’, the collection with the group ‘Éxito’ bets for the handicraft work in Colombia

“What is not taught, dies”, was one of the phrases with which the catwalk began. A phrase that summarizes the motivation and objectives of making a collection with Artesanías de Colombia and Manuela Álvarez. On this occasion, Macramé was the protagonist. A technique that consists of creating weaving using decorative knots, and that is also part of the national memory.

Mateo Navarro (@matienavarro) x The Fashion Reporter ©

The ‘Éxito’ group, together with artisans and designers, seek to exalt pride in local craftsmanship, and allow buyers to wear pieces that are not only of high quality, but also elaborated, created and produced by hand.

That the Éxito group understands the importance of working with craftsmanship, of rescuing this, makes people understand in unison how powerful it is to wear a piece made by hand, not by machine.

Manuela Álvarez

An invitation to return to the local, to rescue, honor and fall in love again with traditional work.

Author: @tfrmagazine

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