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It’s time to break out the makeup again! Meet Avon’s Macro Trends for 2021

This is how we experienced the first masterclass invited by Avon.

Thinking about Avon implies thinking about years of cosmetic techniques applied to the daily beauty routine of millions of Latin American women. As a brand, it has become a benchmark of drive and hard work that today decides to renew itself at a key moment for the world of fashion and beauty through its commitment to ‘Mirar de Nuevo’, the initiative with which Avon today invites us to dare to be different, to celebrate those differences and to look ourselves in the eye again.

Mateo Navarro x The Fashion Reporter ©

We were invited to its first Masterclass with Paula Restrepo, Backstage director of Colombiamoda for 4 consecutive years, and César Mushi, professional makeup artist and fashion designer internationally recognized by brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, to learn first-hand about the trends that will be developed in the coming seasons, and live the experience of live makeup.

Avon has decided to divide this coming season into three major Macro Trends that respond to the need to take care of our environment and ourselves.

  1. Flower Power: The flowers of the garden are taking over the most unsuspected corners of the face. A constant play of pink tones that take inspiration from rosewoods and melons.
Mateo Navarro x The Fashion Reporter ©

2. Tropical Vibe: Extracting the colors of the tropics, along with its birds, sunrises and vibrant color palette of yellows, blues and greens.

Mateo Navarro x The Fashion Reporter ©

3. Chaotic Glamour: Opulence returns to everyday life in the form of bright, wet-look furs, dark colors contrasted with pastel shades. The trend that dares to draw attention and use rhinestones again.

Mateo Navarro x The Fashion Reporter ©

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