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Conversation with Beatriz Camacho: About the creative challenges that isolation has brought, her roots and connection to Cartagena and ‘Flor de Sal’, her new 2021 collection

Hours before the presentation of her new 2021 collection, Flor de Sal, we talked with Beatriz Camacho to understand the challenges that the isolation we have experienced over the past two years has brought creatively.

Talking to the Cartagena-born designer is always like encountering a sea of inspiration, where a smell, a texture or a painting can represent the beginning of a new collection. And for this collection it would be no different. Beatríz recognizes how the BC woman (Beatriz Camacho) is in a new reality where the occasion has become more intimate and more familiar, and does not require embroidery, sequins. And she highlights how discovering new shapes, silhouettes and patterns has been inspiring.

This BC woman who used to dress in a glamorous way, now I think through my own spirit you can perceive how she appreciates the deep and real things in life.


The designer also acknowledges how isolation rather than a creative challenge, has been an emotional challenge. Day to day life has changed, and her way of staying present has been through memories.

Suddenly something you see, something you hear or smell, triggers inspiration. The need to adapt led us to create a collection of cottons and patterns, charged with the sea that I carry inside me. In this collection we explored a completely different color palette than usual, inspired by the prism of color that forms when the sun touches the salt.


Beatriz invites us with ‘Flor de Sal’ to embrace life again, to let ourselves go through a new stage of life remembering that, after two years of isolation, the essence of life and inspiration are found in the small details, family, memories and love.

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