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Highlights of ‘Mira de Nuevo’, the catwalk that kicked off Colombiamoda 2021

It was close to 8:00 p.m. when the catwalk (large square format) went dark. A silence flooded the space and music to the rhythm of drums and allegorical voices gave the start to the catwalk, and with it, the beginning of the special edition of Colombiamoda 2021.

One by one the models were revealing more than 30 pieces designed by Diego Guarnizo, in special collaboration with Avon Foundation in order to denounce and stop violence against women. The pieces, composed of a great diversity of materials and textures, in mainly coral and earth tones, played boldly with the silhouettes: some large and spacious, and others tight and shy. In front of the catwalk, the models seemed to reveal themselves step by step, and fade into their own path, letting themselves be carried away by the twilight. And just when we thought it was all over, it was the turn of Paulina Anda, Cindy Castro and Annaiss Yucra to take over the catwalk.

Mateo Navarro x The Fashion Reporter ©

With a strong music beat, the models took the runway from different perspectives, revealing a phenomenal strength that evoked the inspiration of the catwalk. Extravagant hairstyles, intentionally exaggerated pieces, and theatrical briefs were the common denominator.

Mateo Navarro x The Fashion Reporter ©

An opening that not only invites reflection to ‘Mira de Nuevo’ after a global pandemic, to feel again, to let go again, but also to reflect on female empowerment, which although today is a common topic of conversation, now more than ever boundaries are blurring and barriers are beginning to break down.

Mateo Navarro x The Fashion Reporter ©

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