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Natalia Lafourcade presents her version of the classic ‘Alfonsina y el Mar’ with a melancholic video clip

In 1969 Mercedes Sosa would release one of her most recognized songs, included on her album Mujeres Argentinas. ‘Alfonsina y el Mar’ would go down in history as a masterpiece and the greatest tribute to Alfonsina Storni: The Argentine poet and writer linked to modernist trends promoting female empowerment and women’s rights. A moving song that narrates the suicide of de Storni, who in 1938 jumped into the Mar del Plata, but according to the lyrics of the song, she slowly entered the sea.

Lafourcade’s reinterpretation is made up of dance, silences and emotion. The video clip presents the singer on the seashore, letting herself be carried away by the rhythm of the waves while the renowned instrumental tune unfolds. A wonderful audiovisual work and a tribute to female art in Latin America.

Check out the video clip below.

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