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Learn how to improve your photography skills from home (even with your smartphone)

Light painting is a method that I particularly like, and the only thing you need is a flashlight. Let’s see how simple it is! Make sure to find a dark space and place your camera on a stable surface. To understand how it is possible to draw with light on a photo we need to understand the basics of photography. What a camera does is that it captures the light during a very short interval of time, usually between 5 and 12 milliseconds, to build a static image. So if we make this interval long enough, we can make shapes by moving the light source. Thus, if we set the shooter between 10 and 30 seconds (many smartphones nowadays allow such configuration under manual settings) you can move your flashlight like a brush to write or make creative shapes while the camera is capturing light. You can also experiment with light of different colors (with lasers and LEDs) and try different shoots until you get the “perfect one”.

Photo by Lorena Barrera

You can take phenomenal photos by using common objects, while also depicting a story. For example, you can simulate that someone is trapped in a glass by placing a glass between the camera and the subject, some water drops on the glass can give the resulting image a distorted effect.

Photo by Lorena Barrera

Create your own beautiful photos by trying different perspectives, angles, colors and contrasts! The choice is yours, but in order to avoid creating discomfort use the darkness to generate a sense of emptiness.

Photo by Lorena Barrera

Remember that photography doesn’t have to be logic, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and you don’t have to be an expert to achieve good photos. The most important thing is to exploit your own resources and your creativity. So, challenge the limits of your imagination!

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