Learn how to improve your photography skills from home (even with your smartphone)

Lorena Barrera, photographer and international manager, shows us how easy it could be to take amazing pictures without leaving home.

Taking creative pictures at home can be challenging, but by using the elements around you, along with the methods we will describe, you can obtain beautiful photos even if you are not skilled at photography. We want to show you 16 different photography examples where the only thing you need is your camera and your creativity.

Achieving an astonishing portrait is simpler than you would think. For the first technique you need a direct light source, in this case a window, and an object with patterns. Then you can play with the object to create small shadows on the face. We suggest you to create a dramatic portrait that looks appealing.

Photo by Lorena Barrera

The following technique is one of my favorites. You will need a computer monitor or a TV and, as location, a dark room. Then, set as a background on the screen a striking HD wallpaper and place the subject in front of the screen and start playing with it. Just try to find a strategic position and exploit the silhouettes.

Photo by Lorena Barrera

To create fantastic shots, try to get an object with holes to highlight the subject or an area of it. You will be surprised by how the perception of your environment can change by focusing on the subject through a loop or a closed pattern.

Photo by Lorena Barrera

Author: @tfrmagazine

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