About ‘TFR’ at Paris Fashion Week 2020 and Covid-19

With our recent arrival at Paris Fashion Week and attempts to simultaneously curb the spread of Covid-19 worldwide, fashion dynamics have become as vulnerable as they are sensitive to a pandemic that has fragmented health systems in multiple countries and it has exposed how quickly the dynamics in which we relate to each other on a daily basis can change.

Our experience during Paris Fashion Week, in addition to being educational and pleasant, has left us with a series of questions that we will propose during one this season of articles and journalistic notes. With allies in different geographies specialized in our respective sections, we will bring to our readers this season a new series of contents from Paris, our new office, with the purpose of proposing to our audience different ways of spending time at home during the quarantine of the Covid-19, while simultaneously sharing the experience of covering the world’s most important fashion week as an editorial team.

We know that a situation like the one we are currently going through is not easily overcome, since multiple events of global relevance have been postponed and even but we remain committed as a team to bring to you content that responds to cultural news as we have always done.

It is time to prepare a good cup of coffee or tea, take a seat and prepare to enjoy this new season digital content, where we have already passed the barrier of 300 articles already posted on our platform and that are visible in more than 90 countries around the world. world.

Redacción TheFashionReporter

Portal de Internet en formato de revista, dedicado a la difusión de la moda, el arte, la cultura y el estilo de vida independiente en Colombia. #TFRMagazine

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