A close-up to Independent Fashion

Say goodbye to the super skinny or flare pants, the ‘janties’ are the real revolution

And signed by Y Project.

When Glenn Martens launched the maximized ugg boots, we all knew that at some point everything was going to get out of control. So it was. It was the same firm YProject that made asymmetric jeans a garment of desire among street-wear lovers, leaving aside conventions or traditional textile treatments (including prints) to bring denim to a new and unknown level: a flare boot and another skinny boot.

What seemed could not be overcome, it turned out to evolve into a kind of underwear in the form of jean that is already on sale, and have been called in social networks ‘janthies’ since they are not simply a denim underwear, It is about real jeans with pockets and all traditional applications. Glenn, director of the firm, claims to be part of his experimentation with the deconstruction of garments, a concept with which he has played since the beginning of the firm.

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