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Could Bottega Veneta be the new Céline?

Could Bottega Veneta be the new Céline?

“Don’t kill Céline, bitch!”

When Daniel Lee arrived at the creative direction of Bottega Veneta everything pointed to a new stage for the firm. A fresh stage that would bring back the firm to a widely changing market that demands originality and a harmonious relationship with its origins. And that was the way it was. The first campaign of Lee in the creative direction dazzles that particular classic essence of the firm combined with an artistic direction that seems little planned and that only proposes the garments in an artistic way, as Céline did in the time of Céline.

It is the images of the spring summer 2019 that revealed that new facet of the firm where the images look little planned, the and the disinterested models and scenarios with sunsets as protagonists. Perhaps we are before the firm that would cure the nostalgia that Céline left several years ago.

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