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Generation Z is the creative community that is bringing a new air to the Russian fashion scene

This is how you should work as a team…

Being under an internationally recognized political regime for violating any artistic manifestation that goes against the government, has caused that in adverse circumstances the Russian creative industry has found its greatest source of inspiration in its own limitations. That is why Diana Spit, founder of Generation Z, explains how in a country where there is constant fear of being arrested, a whole creative movement has emerged that is renewing the vision in the world of Russian fashion.

“People are so accustomed to being intimidated that any movement from the norm brings with it a consequence, from criticism to arrest – they shouldn’t be afraid to express themselves”

Diana Spit for DAZED

To all the above is added the fact that at the cultural level, it is still difficult to consider fashion or art as real works to be taken seriously. This is how ‘Generation Z’ emerged, a conglomeration of photographers, designers, stylists, models, make-up artists and artists who have not only been able to exchange concepts and grow together, but also show their work to the world through ‘Generation Z’, the platform that already shows works of some of its members for important brands such as Vetements or Palomo Spain, breaking the Russian fashion rules.

“I’d love to see not only people from the fashion world, but also translators, graphic designers, and people in IT. It would be cool to promote our ideas to other countries or cities and have different Gen Z headquarters around the world.”

Diana Spit for DAZED

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