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Highlights of Astroworld, the shocking Travis Scott’s music festival

Highlights of Astroworld, the shocking Travis Scott’s music festival

Welcome to the Woodstock of modern rap.

When Travis Scott officially announced his music festival after the success of his musical tour, the box office was already exhausted even before the rapper announced the Line-Up, which did not disappoint at all; Young Thug, Lil Wayne, Post Malone and Virgil Abloh. Yes, the fashion designer. The festival would take place in Houston, the singer’s hometown, as a way to pay tribute to his own beginnings by returning to a 90s amusement park, as he remembers.
After months and some logistical setbacks, the festival opened its doors in the NGR Park from noon on Saturday and welcomed the audience through a giant golden head of the rapper, faithful to the cover of his latest album, kicking off one of the most important moments of the year. Here we tell you the moments that without a doubt, you must know.

Kylie Jenner launched a lip kit called Astroworld, in honor of the tour

Although it was originally for the tour, the lip kit launched by Kylie Jenner prompted (and a lot) the proposal to make a whole musical festival. The kit of liquid lipsticks sold quickly and came with a legend that on the packaging that said “I went to Astroworld and all I got was this fuckin ‘lip kit” as a way to provoke an immediate desire to attend the festival.

All tickets offered in August were sold. That is, 40,000 attendees

The festival had a total crowd, and attendees could not only enjoy the music but also, as promised from the beginning, of a replicated amusement park of the 90s, with real games and mechanical attractions.

Young Thug made his first show at the Astroworld Fest after leaving prison

After months of problems with the law, Young Thug, one of the most recognized rappers of contemporary music, was released under the promise of better behavior and his first show was at the music festival.

Houston created the Astroworld Day, in honor of Travis Scott

It was Sylvester Turner, mayor of the city, who was charged with naming November 18 the Astroworld Day in honor of the rapper. The initiative also had the presence of public schools for whom the rapper was responsible for sending a direct and forceful message about keeping alive the initiatives that promote art and culture in young people.

The set of Virgil Abloh, out of Off-White (or Louis Vuitton)

The audience vibrated as maybe we did not expect it, with Abloh’s performance. His participation consisted in mixing music from other artists, but at the level of a professional who was excited with the audience.

The “speech” with which Travis Scott closed the first edition of the festival

With a set consisting of 23 tracks in total, Travis closed the festival with his own show full of visual and special effects live, thanking at the end all the attendees and collaborators for living the Astroworld experience saying “Thank you all for coming to the first Astroworld Festival, I love you all. I hope they get home right. Come back soon, muthafuckas!”

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