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Who is Checking_Invoices on Instagram and why you have to follow right now

Who is Checking_Invoices on Instagram and why you have to follow right now

(COVER PICTURE) In front Luca Campri photography, in background Checking_Invoices photography. Vía Instagram.

Instagram has become a terrain for visual artists. Perhaps to reach the market in a moment of change compared to what concerns social networks, or to be the only social network dedicated exclusively to the publication of photographs. But whatever the reason, Instagram captures the multiple visions of people in their respective cultures.

It was only a matter of time to face the first phenomena of the social network, as a few months ago happened with Fecal Matter, the couple of “aliens” who with a look taken to the surrealistic plane were able to reinvent the canons of beauty. Now it is the turn of Checking_Invoices, a couple of Greek roomies with residence in Milan composed of a stylist who acts as a model, and a set designer who acts as a photographer.

“Being a stylist is about checking invoices of the [requested] items all the time…”

@Checking_Invoices interview for Vogue

The duo started in 2016 doing fashion photos for fun, as it happens many times while we’re at home: trying out all kinds of clothes and doing totally extravagant and unexpected combinations, which would be a dream for any street-style lover. And as a game, where the roomies were photographed without showing the face as part of the same game, the project began to take shape.

“Muslim countries have been being exposed more and we are getting used to seeing covered faces more”

@Checking_Invoices interview for Vogue

It was not until they began to gain recognition that the couple began to take their Instagram account very seriously, which now exceeds 10K. They put aside the masks and began to work in jumpsuits that would take the outfit to the next level. So far the couple has worked hard to keep each identity secret, and they frequent shopping centers, cinemas and even supermarkets, in order to capture the reaction of the people around them.

“I think it has to do with a lot of crisis of identity these days. The identity changes because of social media exposure, and there is the need for privacy, which creates a mystery around the person.”

@Checking_Invoices interview for Vogue

The couple continues making public appearances, absolutely reserving their identity, becoming recognized in multiple media and international brands of great weight in the fashion industry. His work has inspired much to have fun with fashion, and to dare to simply dress what they want.

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